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Let's get to the nitty-gritty! To all of you who have been patiently waiting for book two of the Serendipity series, Taking Risk's cover has finally arrived!

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I'm super hyped about this one. I love the tats on his shoulders and the piercings on his lower lip are... muah! 💋 Perfection! I wasn't sure what direction Covers by Combs was going to take with the color scheme but I really like the gold accents. And Risk looks young and virile, all things which he is. And fear not, the discreet cover is in the works.

When I first published Destiny Falling, I included a sneak peak of Taking Risk in the back matter. If you happened to get your hands on one of those books, you're familar with this brash young ranga officier.

ranga: of noble heritage

Before releasing Taking Risk on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited this spring, I hope to share the first three chapters with my mailing list. So keep your eyes open and check your spam.

And without further adieu. Here's his blurb.


Risk is the reason Lira is stuck in space and all she wants is to slap that arrogant smirk off his face. The only problem is... he'd probably enjoy it.

Risk is reckless and he knows it, but he can't stop thinking about the Terran female he'd almost killed. She fascinates him like no other female ever has. There's only two problems.

One. She hates him with a passion. And two. She claims to despise men. Even though her body says different.

Only he’s too young to be bound to one female. To take a mate. Then why can’t he shake the knowledge that she's meant to be his?

Waking up on a Lan'Dohneain space cruiser after a blotched abduction puts Lira in a tailspin. She can't forgive the alien officer who whisked her off into space. And now he's assigned as her guardian and tracks her every movement like a predator.

As a potential breeder, she’s more valuable than gold to a dying alien race, only she has no plans to become anyone’s mate. Stuck on board the Defiance, and with Earth in peril from an alien threat, Lira is desperate to get home. 

Especially when her own body begins to crave the very thing she swore she'd never want.

A man.

Taking Risk is a slow burn first contact fated mates romance.

Tropes include alien romance, first contact, fated mates, women rule the world, forced proximity, super sassy bi-sexual alpha female, arrogant and possessive alpha hole, abduction, Mars needs women, betrayal, and HEA.

Triggers include profanity, sex, breeding and some FF action.  

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So, which original cover art is your favorite so far? 

Thanks for joining me here at Lucy's Landing! 🛸