Stranded on an unfamiliar planet. Injured and alone. Abigail offers Ru shelter. In return, he fulfills her deepest desires,

    but at what cost?

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    Serendipity–Book 1

    On an intergalactic mission to save his species, fate deals Ru B'Konuwa an unexpected hand when his shuttle veers off course and plunges into a spontaneous wormhole, hurtling him across the galaxy. By chance, he crash lands on Terra, a remote, backwater planet with plenty of its own problems.


    Getting stranded on Terra was never part of his plan.


    Wounded and pursued by the Coalition, Ru seeks assistance from Abigail Scott, a tiny Terran female who stumbles upon him at the crash site. Inexplicably drawn to her, their forced proximity only causes his feelings for her to grow. As their passion ignites, Ru is determined to keep Abby by his side, no matter what it takes. Even if that means betraying her trust.


    When their two species collide, will these star-crossed lovers be able to rise above their differences? Or will betrayal and secrets end in irreparable heartbreak for them both?


    Destiny Falling is a steamy slow burn that contains elements of dark romance and themes not to everyone's liking. It falls under the categories of science fiction, dystopian, post-apocalyptic and quite possibly, gothic romance.


    Tropes include alien romance, first contact, fated mates, women rule the world, forbidden love, forced proximity, sassy and strong MFC, possessive alpha male, abduction, Mars needs women, Earth needs men, betrayal, and HFN.


    Triggers include dubious consent, profanity, sex, sexual assault, and slavery.


    Destiny Falling is available in ebook, paperback, and discreet cover.

    Risk is the reason Lira is stuck in space and all she wants to do is slap the arrogant smirk off his face. The only problem is...

    he'd probably enjoy it.



    Serendipity–Book 2

    Risk B'Hafa is reckless and he knows it, but he can't stop thinking about the Terran female he'd almost killed. She fascinates him and although she claims to despise men, her body says different.


    But he’s too young to be bound to one female. To take a mate. Then why can’t he shake the knowledge that she is meant to be his?


    Waking up on a Lan'Dohneain space cruiser after a blotched abduction puts Lira Scott in a tailspin. She can't forgive the alien officer who whisked her off into space. And now he's assigned as her guardian and follows her every move.


    As a potential breeder, she’s more valuable than gold to a dying alien race, only she has no plans to become anyone’s mate. Stuck on board the Defiance, and with Earth in peril from an alien threat, Lira is desperate to get home.


    Especially when her own body begins to crave the very thing she swore she'd never want.


    A man.


    Taking Risk is the second installment in the Serendipity series. It's a steamy slow burn romance and falls under the categories of science fiction, dystopian and post-apocalyptic romance.


    Tropes include alien romance, first contact, fated mates, women rule the world, forced proximity, sassy bi-sexual alpha MFC, arrogant and possessive alpha hole, abduction, Mars needs women, betrayal, and HEA.


    Triggers include profanity, sex, breeding and some FF action.