Troy was many things. A means to an end, a pawn, a sexual plaything. But the one thing he was not...

    –was free.

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    Freedom's Landing–Book 1

    As a Class 5 Elite Breeder, Troy 5-47-3-9-9 has always been in high demand. His training and experience have gotten him a placement in the household of a high-ranking member of the Coalition. But he is nothing more than a slave in a gilded cage, and all he wants is his freedom. Troy is willing to pay any price for a chance at escape and he carries the brand on his back to prove it. But this time, with the backing of the Network, he has a real chance to make freedom a reality.


    Everything about Troy’s life has taught him how to entice and please the women around him, and he’s gotten very good at it. When he first encounters Veronica Jenkins, her obvious lack of attraction to him throws him for a loop. But despite their rocky start, fate forces them to remain together, igniting a powerful chemistry. Troy's feelings for Veronica deepen the more time they spend together, but when they arrive at their destination, she turns him away.


    Will Troy be able to prove his worth and convince Veronica to choose their budding romance over playing it safe? Or will what he is and his past be too much for them to overcome?


    Troy is an unconventional dark romance and contains themes that aren't to everyone's liking. It falls under the categories of science fiction, dystopian and post-apocalyptic romance.


    Tropes include male breeders, women rule the world, protective MFC, complex alpha roll MMC, forced proximity, second chances, HEA, and dual perspectives.


    Triggers include abuse, breeding, coercion, death, dubious consent, profanity, sex, sexual assault and slavery.


    Troy is book one of Freedom's Landing, prequel and companion novel to the science fiction romance series, Serendipity. Troy explores gender power dynamics as it delves into a moving story of love, loss, and redemption. Steamy, thrilling, and filled with inventive world-building, Troy will leave you wanting more.


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