Shifting Your Energy

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A few months ago, I began to follow Sarra Cannon, bestselling indie author, coach and speaker. After taking HB90 Bootcamp–a quarterly productivity course for authors–I enrolled in her end-of-the-year course, Manifesting Your Best Life.

I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting, but ending up at my local metaphysical shop with a list of supplies wasn't it. As a result, I'll be ringing in 2024 smudging my house and setting clear intentions for the year to come.

One thing I appreciate most about New Year's is the opportunity to reset. A chance for all of us to take a moment and reevaluate our lives at least once a year. Even if starting over means stepping out of my comfort zone.

A fresh start comes with so much power and good energy for new doors to open, dreams to come true, and for our best selves to shine through.

~Sarra Cannon

What's your take on making a fresh start at least once a year?

Otherwise our New Year's Eve was quieter than usual. We kept it low-key, went to the movies, then spent the remainder of evening at home. However, we did revive an old tradition of going out for breakfast on New Year's morning, then drove over to the beaches and walked along the boardwalk. It was a nice, brisk way to start off the New Year.

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In between time, I'd like to wish everyone the happiest of New Year's. May 2024 bring you closer to achieving your dreams and aspirations.  

Thanks for joining me here at Lucy's Landing! 🛸 Let's make this year out of the world.